As it approaches its centennial, Lancaster Place stands with Houston's other historic neighborhoods in preserving and extending its legacy. We have stories to tell and stories waiting to be told. This archive supports and enlivens that narrative.

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The origins

Lancaster Place traces its origins to 1918 when the Guardian Trust Company developed the first tract of the neighborhood along the western boundary of Montrose. That tract, along with South Lancaster Place, which followed in 1923, is now part of the Menil Campus.

The neighborhood quickly grew with the addition of the westward Extensions 1-3, 1922-1923, which the Lancaster Place Civic Association represents. Brick and frame homes were built to fulfill the aspirations of a growing middle class in a Houston that was burgeoning after World War I. Many houses were in the bungalow style that sets the predominant architectural motif for Lancaster Place today.

Price List. Image courtesy of Houston Public Library, HMRC: MSS 0118-B03F39

Like much of Montrose, Lancaster Place experienced a period of decline during the mid-20th century when residents moved to new suburbs at the city’s perimeter. Fortunately, Lancaster Place survived that period with much of its original architecture and with its deed restrictions intact. Consequently, Lancaster Place is well-placed to welcome the return of residents who wish to live in the protection and charm of an established, deed-restricted neighborhood in a renascent urban core.

We invite you to explore the historic materials that are available on this website. Remember to check back regularly, as we will continue to add content. History is not the past but the past resurgent.


Archived maps of Lancaster Place

Original Lancaster Place

Original Lancaster Place

Amended Map of Original Lancaster Place

Lancaster Place Extension 1

Lancaster Place Extension 2

Lancaster Place Extension 2

Lancaster Place Extension 3

South Lancaster Place

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