City Initiatives

Dunlavy Reconstruction

The Public Works & Planning Departments hosted a joint Community Meeting on November 18 to present their preliminary plans for the reconstruction of the Dunlavy Corridor from Allen Parkway to Richmond Avenue. At this time there is CIP (Capital Improvement Project) funding for two segments of Dunlavy: the north segment from Allen Parkway to Peden Street and the south segment from West Main Street to Richmond Avenue. Reconstruction will include new roadway, storm drains, water & wastewater infrastructure, sidewalks and bicycle facilities.

Here are some highlights of the design for the south segment that runs through the middle of Lancaster Place. The stretch of Dunlavy between West Alabama and West Main was rebuilt during the construction of the Montrose HEB, so it is not included in PWE's current plans.

  • Construction is forecast to begin in 2017 and be completed in 2019
  • The roadway will be reconstructed with two 11-foot wide travel lanes
  • There will be no center turn lane in this segment
  • There will be 8-foot wide dedicated parking on both sides of Dunlavy protected by "bow-out" landings at the intersections of West Main and Colquitt
  • There will be a 6-foot sidewalk along the west side of Dunlavy
  • There will be a 10-foot shared use path for pedestrians and bicycles along the east side of Dunlavy
  • The bicycle route will eventually link Buffalo Bayou Park with Rice University
  • The intersection at Richmond Avenue will be regularized so that traffic flows more evenly onto the stretch of Dunlavy that runs south toward Bissonnet Street
  • There will be a protected left-hand turn lane at Richmond
  • All work will be done within the existing right-of-way

A reassuring note to come from the presentation was that the south segment of Dunlavy through Lancaster Place is recognized as primarily residential in nature and that the new street is being designed with that context in mind. A copy of the preliminary design with maps and street-views is available on ReBuild Houston's web site at LPCA encourages everyone to take a look at this material. There is a great deal of additional information, including a preliminary design for the north segment of Dunlavy between Allen Parkway and Peden Street and a prospectus on the Houston Bike Plan.

CIP funding is not yet in place for the middle section of Dunlavy Street between Peden and West Alabama. When CIP funding is allocated, that segment will be designed so that Dunlavy is a cohesive north-south corridor through the neighborhoods of west Montrose.