Proposed LPCA Bylaw Revisions

The Board of Officers of the Lancaster Place Civic Association has conducted a thorough review of its Bylaws for the first time since the Association reconstituted in 2005. The purpose of the review was to clarify language, correct grammatical errors, add qualifying details and fine-tune Association procedures, as needed.  This review has produced a set of proposed revisions that will be presented to LPCA Membership at its next meeting on February 17, 2016, on which occasion Members will vote on their adoption.

Some revision highlights are:

  • Clarifying LPCA Officer duties
  • Fine-tuning the Election Calendar
  • Retooling the procedure for amending the Dues Structure

A link to the full set of proposed Bylaw revisions is provided here. Please note that they are highlighted in yellow for greater ease in identifying changes.

A link to the current Bylaws is given here for comparison's sake.